Safeguarding and Child Protection

Safeguarding is about upholding the rights of children, young people and adults to be safe.

At Thongsbridge Tennis Club we recognise that everyone who works with children, young people and adults has a shared responsibility to ensure that they are safe from harm and have an enjoyable tennis experience.

All of us at TTC support our junior (all those under 18) and adult players by recognising the enjoyment and health benefits that tennis plays in their lives. We believe the sport of tennis has a lot to offer to players of all ages. It can reach a broad audience and have a very powerful and positive influence on them. It can provide valuable opportunities for success, enjoyment, achievement, personal and social development, and the development of positive life skills such as self-esteem, leadership and teamwork. It contributes to a healthy lifestyle by encouraging physical, mental and emotional well being.

We know that sport plays a vital role in the growth and development of children and young people and provides excellent opportunities for everyone taking part in exciting, challenging and healthy activities.

The sport of tennis can also provide children/young people with a role model, and a significant trusted adult in whom they can confide. Having this trusted adult is very important to the welfare of many children. It helps to promote their confidence, resilience and ability to manage difficult circumstances. It can promote positive outcomes for them.

Thongsbridge Tennis Club wants to ensure, as much as possible, that our club and facilities are fun, friendly, safe and positive places for all our players and so we have adopted the LTA’s model Safeguarding and Child Protection policies and procedures. They aim to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to protect all those who participate in activities at the club.

The policies establish the responsibilities of the club in relation to safeguarding, and provide good practice guidance for everyone at the club.