The most fantastic, epic fun you can have. More mud, bogs, and sludge than I have seen in my life. The team battled through all the 25 obstacles and after swimming through mud, rivers, being electrocuted, set on fire and climbing 8ft walls they survived and earned their titles as Thongsbridge Warriors.

From the start Anthony Phillips and Kaye Chawner led the way powering through the course in 1hr 38mins, closely followed by the lone wolf Nad Butt, third for the team 1hr 49mins. The next group back was Fiona Butt, Paul and Hazel Bulgin (2 honorary Thongsbridge Warriors) in 1hr 56mins.

A solid performance from Ian Rowe, Colin Chawner and Anouska Coates who came in smiling and promising they’ll be back next year to beat 2hr 11mins. Finally team MacGregor (Alistaire and Jessica) crossed the line carrying an extra few pounds of mud but still smiling in 2hr 32mins. Who knew charging through waist deep gloopy mud could be so much fun!After the race we had a celebratory night out starting with a dubious choice of restaurant by Alistair and then drinking the night away, before making our way back to the campsite.

Everyone had an amazing time and can’t wait to do it next year.