Our Capitanos: Past and Present Our season started in eanest on Monday April 28th but lots had taken place before then, starting with choosing our 6 new captains (brave souls): Georgina, Kay, Fran, Michelle/Louisa (never to be separated!), Amanda and the inimitable Debbie.

Before offering our condolences to our new captains in lieu of the hours spent on Wednesday evenings discussing pairings, tactics, tennis courts and, of course, team teas, we should express our huge thanks to captains of the past who stepped down to make room for new faces. In particular, a special nod to SB, Janet and Emily who had valiantly flown the flag for their teams for many years. Thank you!

Results so far

Our objectives at the beginning of the season were to keep the F team up, promote the E Team, keep the Ds up, promote the Cs (if possible), keep the Bs up and make sure our all conquering A team stay at the top of mountain where they belong. All is ticking along nicely so far with the 5ths, 3rds and 1sts having won all their matches thus far and 6ths, 4ths and 2nds notching up some good results with key matches yet to play. A special mention should be made of the 2nd team who came from behind to achieve a great, battling first ever draw at Rastrick – well done you 2nds!

Lisa Edgar