Want to know a little about Christine Carmichael?

Well, here goes…

Fitness member since June 2010, Committee member since Oct 2010
Director – with ‘oversight’ for fitness side of business – since Jan 2014
Consultant Occupational Psychologist (performance and well-being in organisations) and Psychometrician (personality and ability assessments)
Professionally trained coach-mentor and career counsellor
Did Elementary Pilot Training in hang-gliding, mountain boarding and roller blading
(had to give up because so accident prone couldn’t get insurance!)
Pastimes: Running, Sailing, Cooking, Gardening, Sudoku!
Yum Yum: Spicy Beef Salad, Pad Thai, Home-made Soup
Yuk Yuk: Marmite, margarine, peanut butter
Dream job: Stand-up Comic
Embarrassing habit: getting my worms mixed up
Guilty habit: Chocolate Oreos

Christine Carmichael Director Thongsbridge Tennis Club