The 2014 season kicks off with new challenges. The coaches have stepped down from the league, to give the rest of us mortals a bit more playing time. The men’s squads now numbers some 75 members across 6 teams. It’s great to see so many members wanting to play competitively and wanting to represent the club, together with the box leagues and club championships, it shows a great level of engagement.

It’s even more encouraging to see how many new members and new players are now in the teams and how little difference there is between the teams.

As a couple of the other clubs have dropped out since last year, it has meant that C,D and E didn’t get relegated after all and that F got promoted to division 5. Our aim this year is for the A team to win the league again (a tougher challenge without the coaches) and for other teams to hold their positions.

Mats Wilander said €œI think when you get a player involved that cares and loves to play, it brings up the level of the tournament and the commitment of the other players as well to make it successful.€ I think that has happened in the teams when we see so many members playing, being committed to their sport and indeed bringing up the level.

Steve Harvey-Franklin