On Saturday 24th October, 12 Thongsbridge Juniors headed over to Bolton to compete in against 12 other juniors. The Thongsbridge team consisted of Thomas Vale, Rory Bryant, Joshua Fowler and Esa Butt for the U9s, Owen Lodge, Gabriella Lindley, Dominic Vesely and Matthew Vale competed in the U10s, and Jacob Chadwick, Ben Parkin, Charlotte Margetson and Alex Tikhonov played for the U12.

The teams played 20 minute singles and doubles matches, with the goal of winning as many games as possible in that that. They then had a skills competition where the players were tested on their racket and co-ordination skills.

After a fantastic day, Thongsbridge were victorious winning 441 games to Bolton’s 250.

Watch the video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPb8oz7_mQU