Ukraine relief efforts – providing support where it is needed.

As many of our members have been discussing where to focus efforts to help this latest humanitarian crisis, Sue Linford has now spoken with a lady called Rebecca Gough, who is part of an organised group responsible for co-ordinating a support programme within the Holme Valley. This team – Holme Valley Homes for Ukraine – has great experience in working with refugees and asylum seekers. The relief programme has been broken down into phases that help to prioritise the immediate and then slightly longer-term needs.

Phase 1 – Matching families.
Anyone who is offering to host a Ukrainian family must be registered on the Government’s website in the first instance. Rebecca would ask that they then inform her of their contact details for a database of hosts to be maintained. The team is also keen to know of anyone who may be willing to host but isn’t in a position to do so right now; back up families are needed. Also, volunteers to help organise a hub and to provide introductions and support are also required.

Phase 2 – Language support
The next level of support is to provide English teaching. So, if anyone is experienced in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or similar, Rebecca would be just as keen to hear from you.

Perhaps you are not in the position to be a host but could support in other ways? The programme will also be looking for ‘buddies’ who can be a point of contact and perhaps relieve hosting families of some of the pressure.

Phase 3 – Future weeks
In a few weeks’ time, aftercare support will be required and donations of good clothing, care products and additional items. These families are just like you or I; they’ve lost everything, but rags will not help their dignity! So, if you have quality items that you know could be re-homed and put to excellent use, please contact Rebecca directly as she will be able to give you a better idea of timing and the logistics of these aspects of support.

Rebecca can be contacted on her mobile directly: 07939 456941. Or you can email: Please also visit and join its Facebook page where updates are posted regularly to focus attention on what is required and when. Thank you all.