U8 player of the month

Izabella Lewis
Izabella continues to develop all aspects of her game. She is growing increasingly confident in her ability to play matches on a ‘Mini Red’ court and has recently been selected to represent the ‘Western Wolves’ (West Yorkshire) in a inter county competition. Well done Izabella, keep up the hard work!


U9 player of the month

Guy Davies-Riand
Guy’s desire to impress on the match court is starting to show, having placed well in recent tournaments. His good form has been rewarded by being selected to attend his first ‘Regional’ training camp and achieving qualification into his first Grade 2 tournament. Guy is currently working really hard to decide exactly the right time to defend and when to attack in point play. Well done Guy, we love your determination to improve!


U10 player of the month

Tom Parker
Tom has worked really hard this month in trying to develop solid groundstrokes from the back of the court. With continued effort placed on maintaining the correct grips, footwork patterns and forehand and backhand shape Tom’s hard work has paid off with a tournament win and a first invitation to attend a Regional training camp. Well done Tom, keep up the hard work!


U16 player of the month

Patrick Wood
Patrick continues to try really hard to develop all aspects of his game. He demonstrates a great attitude and a real willingness to learn in each squad session. He also acts as a great role model to other members in his group. With continued hard work the future’s bright! Well done Patrick – keep up the hard work!