Tournament Titans

Seb Beetlestone
Seb has had another great block of tournaments. Having won his first Grade 2 in April, he followed this up by being runner up at the Grade 2 in Corby, and then winning the next national tour event in Repton. This secures his place as the number 1 ranked player in Great Britain and also secures his place at the Grade 1 with an event to spare! His hard work and attitude on court has been second to none and his level headedness in matches are key attributes that have massively contributed to his success! Keep up the hard work!

Joel Morton
Joel competed in his first Grade 2 U9 Boys tournament travelling all the way to Aldershot during May half term. In the group stages he won 4 out of 5 matches and advanced to Group 2 just missing out on Group 1 which in his first Grade 2 event is a tremendous achievement. Joel has also travelled to Portsmouth while on his travels where he successfully won a Grade 3 competition. Joel has showed a great winner’s attitude which is one of optimism & enthusiasm. He continues to learn from every situation.

Oliver Zamberlan
Oliver has continued this block where he left off the last! Having been awarded a wildcard into his first Grade 2, he finished in the top half of the draw with 3 wins and then boosted by this result, at the next national tour event he finished 11th out of 36. Oliver then entered his first event in the age group above in a Grade 5 and playing some consistent tennis and with the bigger court he came through unbeaten, winning the event! Oliver still has lots to learn but his attitude and hard work ethic are paying off, keep up the great work!

Louis Hull
Louis continues to compete well at the highest level. He has recently returned from a trip to Portugal where he competed in an U16 ‘Tennis Europe’ event and got to the quarter finals in the boys singles. He has also recently won 2 grade 3 mens events and made the final in a grade 3 mens doubles competition. All this hard work has seen Louis rise to a ranking that is inside the top 20 players in the country for those with a similar year of birth. Well done Louis!