Our first ever TTFC charity relay marathon!


What a weekend! After a little last-minute ‘roping in’ of legs (long and short!), our goal of completing a first for the club – a whole 26.2-mile marathon around the Holme Valley – became a reality. On Sunday morning, junior member Esa Butt, left the start line at the club itself and headed out, baton in hand, to get the charity challenge underway. Handing over to Paul Parker, who had literally 24 hours’ notice of his inclusion (thanks so much Paul!) Paul took on quite a climb out of Honley to place the baton in the hands of Fiona Butt. We managed to complete the Butt family inclusion, with Nad acting as support vehicle, making sure the logistics got off to a smooth start! 

Thanks to Fiona’s sterling effort, she paced the rest of the climb and on to Tommy Vale, who really did take one for the team completing four miles instead of the one mile we promised! Heading over towards Digley reservoir, Tommy came into view bang on time and let a couple of shorties take on the reservoir track. Steph and youngest family member, Tom Parker, headed off on the scenic route. Tom almost sprinting at times and showing his mum how to tackle hill climbs! 

The sight of seasoned runner and fitness member, Andy Heap, was much welcomed and his bright smile congratulated ‘little legs’ and he headed off to Holme. He certainly made up some time, so calls were made to bring forward the timing for Judyta and Luckasz to be at their starting point in Hinchliffe Mill and take the baton from Andy and straight through to father and son team, Shaun and Joel Morton, again sprinting away to hand over slightly earlier than expected to mum and daughter Lidia and Alissa Morton, our youngest participant! You guys smashed it! 

With a little strategic car placement and slight adjustment to timings, Steph and Fitzpatrick took to the challenge, taking the baton out to New Mill and back to Holmfirth and onto Jack Drummond, who heroically stepped in to help the cause. Jack you are a legend! 

After an initial climb to challenge those younger limbs, Jack handed on to Rich Parker in such good time more calls were needed to move the schedule up again! Rich climbed out of Hinchliffe Mill and up to Upperthong, where Steph P managed to grab the baton in time to head down for the last leg, Seb and Kate Beetlestone. The beautiful Beetles cinched it to the finish line back at the club with time to spare! Seb, hilariously spinning around lampposts and throwing in a little parkour en route!  

Wow, you guys, what an epic effort. We are now well on our way to hitting the £1000 target for this much-deserved charity. If you can help in any way to get us to that total, please click below and give what you can. 

An ENORMOUS thank you to all who made this happen, you are true superstars, and we hope you enjoyed it along the way! Teamwork at its best

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Take a look at our journey on the photo storyboard next time you pass through to the indoor courts. We’ve posted onto the notice board in the corridor!