U8 player of the month

Isaac Ellis
Isaac would be the first to admit that things have not been plain sailing since September. However, as a result of the hard work and dedication he has put in to improve his game, Isaac is once again beginning to shine. Isaac’s forehand is looking increasingly menacing and it comes as no surprise that he is once again finding himself picking up the winner’s medal at many events that he has entered over the past month. Well done Isaac, the title of ‘Player of the Month’ is very fitting.

Sebastian Pitcher
Sebastian has had a major break through this month winning his first U8 tournament at John Charles, Leeds after so many near misses. Sebastian is a member of the U8 County squad and continues to improve week by week, demonstrating a real hunger to better all areas of his game. Keep up the good work Sebastian – the first win is always special!


U9 player of the month

Joel Morton
Joel continues to grow in confidence with every week that passes. He has worked really hard on the practice court under the watchful eye of Craig, his Coach, and in the process has made winning a habit. Few spend more time on the practice court than Joel who fully deserves the ‘Player of the Month’ title. Well done and good luck in the up and coming Grade 2 events!


U10 player of the month

Seb Beetlestone
The transition from ‘Mini Orange’ to ‘Mini Green’ was always going to be a testing one for Seb following a hugely successful past year. Having attended a ‘National training camp’ in December, he has responded well to the constructive feedback given and has engaged really well with the coaching team to improve the specific areas of his game that he needed to improve. Being a ‘coachable’ player is key to becoming a successful tennis player and Seb’s understanding of what this involves is growing all the time! Well done Seb!


Guy Davies Riand
Guy has made a superb start to the new year having made the transition to ‘Mini Green’. He has joined some increasingly challenging squad sessions and has resultantly stepped up his level to match that of his fellow peers. Competitively, Guy is gradually starting to make winning a habit having recently experienced two finals against tough opposition and gained one tournament win. Well done Guy, it’s been a productive month!!


U16 player of the month

Elena Sandica
Elena’s approach to training is nothing short of brilliant. She always puts in 100% and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Loving to physically push herself, it is no surprise that Elena’s game continues to improve in all areas. She is a real pleasure to work with and is a real role model to all her fellow squad mates. Keep up the hard work Elena, you’re doing a great job!!