Festive fun and creative stunners!

As the frost started to thaw on Saturday morning, we welcomed back our favourite creative lead, Leanne, to guide us through a day of festive Christmas wreath-making! Sure, we could pop down to the local garden centre and buy one, but there is nothing more satisfying than to craft your own Christmas welcome. And wow, were there some beautiful results. Doors across the Holme Valley will be looking all the more stunning this year!

The morning workshop started calmly, a little bit of what sounded like Classic FM in the background, and with coffee and chocolates much welcomed. The finishing touches applied and, bingo, five fantastic wreaths to be proud of.

Fast forward three hours and the afternoon session got underway. A busier workshop, with nine members and friends all eager to get started. Returning to the club shortly after and it was quite a vibe! Prosecco seemed to have replaced the coffee and the tunes had definitely picked up! The scene…the perfect start to the festive season!

Our thanks to Leanne for having the patience, the skill and the humour to see us all take home a piece of our own Christmas art! Check out the creations below. There are just a few pieces on sale in reception if you do not have the time to create your own this year, and very reasonably priced too. Snap them up as once they’re gone, they’re gone!