Louis Hull
Louis continues to rise up the junior ITF rankings with recent trips to Austria and Liverpool resulting in a singles final and singles win.  Having just turned 16 years old and with his current world ranking of 720 he has set his sights firmly on reaching the top 500 by the end of the year. He is ranked number 1 in Yorkshire for the U18 age group and 14 nationally. Good luck Louis, we hope the summer brings you every success!

Seb Beetlestone
Seb is currently ranked 8 in the U11 national rankings and number 2 in Yorkshire. He continues to compete extremely well in all Grade 2 and 1 events and has recently won grade 3 events in the age group above. Keep up the good work Seb!

Ala Kaliszewicz
Ala has recently had her biggest success to date by winning the girls U9 Grade 2 event in Leeds. She is currently ranked 5 in the country for her age and number 1 in Yorkshire and is looking forward playing in her first grade 1 event in Bolton this Easter. Well done Ala, what a journey you have had so far!

Isaac Ellis
Isaac has recently finished 3rd in his first U9 Grade 2 event in Leeds. Having won several grade 3 events he is now ranked 10 in the country for his age and number 1 in Yorkshire. We are looking forward to seeing how your journey unfolds Isaac– good luck in your first grade 1 event in Bolton this Easter!