Tournament and Match Dates

Thongsbridge Open

August Sunday 14th – Saturday 20th

Will run on all courts apart from 10 and 11 which will be available for members.

To enter, go to

Login to your profile
Click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab
Enter the Code YOR-22-0072

Select the events you wish to enter
Any problems please email

CLOSING DATE 31st July 10am
Mens & Ladies Singles and Doubles
18s, 16s, 14s, 12s, 11s,
10s, 9s Boys & Girls Singles
8&U Mixed Singles, 16s, 14s, 12s Doubles

Mini & Junior Club Championships 2022

Saturday 17th September

Mini Orange, 12.30-3.30pm
Mini Green Doubles, 3.30-6pm
11 & U and 18 & U, 12 noon onwards
14 & U, 3pm onwards

Sunday 18th September

Mini Red 12.30-3pm
Mini Green singles, 3-5.30pm
12 & U and 16 & U, 10am onwards
All doubles, 2pm onwards

Entry form for Mini Club Champs
Entry form for Junior Club Champs

Other Thongsbridge Tournaments

The following dates are when we will be holding tournaments at the club.
Members please go to our booking system on the selected dates to view our court availability. Should there be any change to the below times and dates, we will endeavour to advise members as soon as possible. The times of the tournaments are a general time span as not all courts are used throughout, again please check the booking system.

Please note these are the times the courts are booked and not the times of the tournaments.




8&U Mixed Wednesday 1st 09:30-12:00 Courts 4
8&U Mixed Saturday 11th 12:00-17:30 Court 3&4
10&U Mixed 14:30-17:30 Courts 1-4



14&U Boys and Girls Saturday 2nd 09:00-15:00 Courts 10&11
12:00-16:00 Courts 1-4
10&U Girls and Boys Saturday 9th 12:00-16:00 Court 1-4, 10&11
8&U Mixed Tuesday 26th 09:30-12:00 Court 4
10&U Mixed 12:30-16:00 Courts 1-4
12&U Boys and Girls Wednesday 27th 13:00-19:00 Courts 1-4



11&U Boys Tuesday 2nd 09:00-15:30 Courts 3,4,5&6
9&U Mixed 14:00-17:30 Courts 1-4
8&U Mixed Wednesday 3rd 09:30-12:00 Court 4
10&U Mixed 12:00-16:00 Courts 1-4
16&U Boys and Girls Thursday 4th 13:00-19:00 Courts 1-4
14&U Boys and Girls Tuesday 9th 13:00-19:00 Courts 1-4
8&U Mixed Wednesday 10th 09:30-12:00 Court 4
10&U Mixed 12:00-16:00 Courts 1-4
9&U Mixed Thursday 11th 12:00-15:30 Courts 1-4